Ag Partners and Kansas Farm Bureau Launch Groundbreaking Agriculture Apprenticeship Program in Rural Kansas

By Trish Svoboda

The first registered apprenticeship program focused on agriculture and rural Kansas is being introduced by Ag Partners for two positions through the Kansas Farm Bureau’s (KFB) award-winning Rural Kansas Apprenticeship Program (RKAP).

“Addressing the persistent labor challenges in rural America is of top importance to us, and we believe RKAP will serve as a component of the solution,” says Lacey Dalinghaus, senior vice president of human resources at Ag Partners. “Kansas Farm Bureau provides us with a structured framework, support, and a strong agricultural advocacy platform to integrate and enhance our apprenticeship initiative. We are confident this on-the-job training program will empower us to develop essential skills, deliver technical instruction, and effectively meet our future employment needs.”

The program aims to offer training and technical guidance to employees selected for specific operations positions. Ag Partners will oversee the recruitment, interviews, hiring, and employment of apprentices.

KFB will act as the intermediary sponsor in collaboration with Ag Partners and the Kansas Office of Registered Apprenticeship to oversee the management of these apprenticeship opportunities. These programs will offer Ag Partners an enhanced value proposition for recruiting new employees and apprentices in these roles. Apprentices will benefit from mentorship, training, and compensation as they develop their skills in a high-demand agricultural career path.

If you are interested in partnering with the Kansas Farm Bureau in an apprenticeship program, contact Bryce Woodall at or visit

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