Wakefield City Council Seat #4 Filled After Month Long Vacancy

By Quinn O’Hara

After a month-long vacancy, Wakefield’s fourth City Council seat has been filled.

The seat became vacant at the start of the year after Leza Chryssovergis, who held the seat previously, was elected as Wakefield’s new Mayor in the last City Election.

Jared Renyer was appointed by the Council and Mayor Chryssovergis to fill seat four.

Renyer says he joined the Council as a way to get more involved with his community.

Renyer says he’s been a resident of Wakefield for the past few years, and wants to contribute to the Council’s efforts in growing the small town.

Jared Renyer now joins fellow Wakefield City Council newcomers Rhiannon Garcia, and Patrick Simon, who hold seats one and two respectively.

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