K-State Crowned National Champion Meat Animal Evaluation Team

MANHATTAN, Kan. – The Kansas State University Meat Animal Evaluation Team won National Champion honors at the 2023 Collegiate Meat Animal Evaluation Contest hosted in Canyon, Texas. The team was recognized Tuesday, March 28 following the three-day competition.


The event, previously known as the AKSARBEN contest, now rotates between host institutions across the country. The competition includes live market animal carcass predictions and pricing, breeding animal evaluation and meat judging competition and truly serves as a capstone judging experience for students with its incorporation of so many industry applicable concepts.


The team placed first in the breeding, beef, sheep, swine, market and communication divisions of the contest. Individually K-State had five members place in the top 10 overall, including the top four individuals. Brody Nemecek, Iola, Kansas, was first; Ellie Kidwell, Walhonding, Ohio, second; Luke Harker, Hope, Indiana, third and Jade Parrish, Parrish, Florida, fourth. (See complete individual and team results below.)


“The Meat Animal Evaluation contest is the most comprehensive test of students’ knowledge of the factors that impact production of meat from livestock. Many of the students that compete in this contest have already demonstrated excellence in animal and/or meat evaluation, and this annual opportunity for them to pull their knowledge, education and past training together make this a true Capstone experience for all,” says Dr. Mike Day, KSU ASI department head. “The capacity for all-inclusive consideration of product value as impacted by genetics and management is crucial to economic efficiency of meat production. Congratulations to our K-State students and coaches for their high level of excellence in this competition winning national champion honors six out of the last seven years.”

The team is coached by Dr. Travis O’Quinn and Chris Mullinix, assisted by Erin Beyer and Macie Weigand.


Team Results:

Champion Team — Breeding Division

Champion Team — Beef Division

Champion Team — Communications Division

Champion Team — Market Division

Champion Team — Swine Division

Champion Team — Sheep Division

Third Place Team — Meats Division



Individual Results:

Brody Nemecek, Iola, Kansas – 1st Overall, 1st Breeding, 9th Market, 2nd Sheep, 4th Swine

Ellie Kidwell, Walhonding, Ohio – 2nd Overall, 2nd Market, 2nd Swine

Luke Harker, Hope, Indiana – 3rd Overall, 3rd Breeding, 8th Market, 4th Sheep, 1st Swine

Jade Parrish, Parrish, Florida – 4th Overall, 3rd Market, 7th Sheep, 6th Swine

Weston Schrader, Wells, Kansas– 6th Overall, 3rd Beef

Will Banks, Cynthiana, Kentucky – 10th Sheep

Riley Krehbiel, Kingman, Kansas – 5th Sheep, 9th Swine

Sarah Kalman, Chico, California – 2nd Beef, 4th Market

Trevor Johnson, Centerville, South Dakota – 1st Market, 10th Swine

Katrina Tucker, Hopkins, Michigan – 5th Market, 3rd Sheep,

Chesney Effling, Highmore, South Dakota – 1st Beef, 3rd Meats,

Rebecca Donaldson, Berryton, Kansas – 9th Beef

Jacey Massey, Alberta, Canada – 10th Market

Alex Scovill, Laingsburg, Michigan – 6th Beef



Team Members:

Will Banks, Cynthiana, Kentucky

Charles Bunker, Mebane, North Carolina

Trey Conley, Clarksdale, Missouri

Rebecca Donaldson, Berryton, Kansas

Chesney Effling, Highmore, South Dakota

Luke Harker, Hope, Indiana

Lane Howe, Fort Gibson, Oklahoma

Trevor Johnson, Centerville, South Dakota

Sarah Kalman, Chico, California

Ellie Kidwell, Walhonding, Ohio

Riley Krehbiel, Kingman, Kansas

Jacey Massey, Alberta, Canada

Brody Nemecek, Iola, Kansas

Jade Parrish, Parrish, Florida

Weston Schrader, Wells, Kansas

Alex Scovill, Laingsburg, Michigan

Delaney Shaw, Tulare, California

Katrina Tucker, Hopkins, Michigan

Whitney Watts, Wesson, Mississippi



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