K-State Releases Results of 2023 Crop Performance Tests

By Ryan Duey

Kansas State University released its 2023 Kansas Crop Performance Test results, revealing mixed outcomes for farmers, marked by underlying challenges of drought and water management. Jane Lingenfelser, assistant agronomist, and coordinator of the tests, reported a promising start to the growing season with favorable conditions. However, drought persisted in central and eastern Kansas, mitigated by sporadic rains that benefited some dryland acres. Southwest Kansas experienced excess rainfall, causing flash flooding.

August brought a drastic downturn with temperatures soaring 7 degrees Fahrenheit above normal and minimal precipitation, adversely affecting corn and soybean crops. While some areas, particularly southwest and northwest Kansas, saw pockets of good yields, the overall harvest was subpar.

Grain sorghum and sunflowers displayed better resilience to the erratic weather but still faced challenges. Lingenfelser emphasized the unique variability within Kansas, making it both a stress test and a best-case scenario for crop varieties.

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