Kansas State University Specialists Update Guide on Sustainable Watering Systems for Livestock

By Trish Svoboda

A group of watershed specialists from Kansas State University updated a publication offering guidance on preserving the state’s water resources while ensuring grazing animals have access to water.

Herschel George, a former K-State watershed specialist in southeast Kansas, described the publication “Waterers and Watering Systems: A Handbook for Livestock Producers and Landowners” as a resource aimed at helping agricultural producers explore alternatives to watering livestock directly from streams or granting them unrestricted access to farm ponds.

Livestock significantly influence the water quality of streams or ponds, said George. Offering livestock access to alternative watering tanks instead of direct access to ponds or streams can result in 80% of the livestock choosing to drink from the tank.

George further noted that the concepts and visuals presented in the publication are relevant to both large and small-scale producers, including those raising cattle, sheep, and goats.

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