2024 4-H Regional Club Days Results for River Valley District 4-Her’s

4-H Members from the Central Kansas District, Chisholm Trail District, River Valley District, Geary, and Marshall Counties that received Top Purples at their county or district club days attended the Regional 4-H Club Days in Clay Center KS on Saturday, March 23rd.

The following results include Clay County (CY), Cloud County (CD), Republic County (RP) and Washington County (WS)

Model Meeting

Top Purple – Farmington 4-H Club (WS)

Blue – Lincoln Creek 4-H Club (CY), Washington Headliners (CY), Linn Livewires 4-H Club (WS)

Gavel Games – Jr Division

Blue – Nový Munden 4-H Club #1 (RP), Nový Munden 4-H Club #2 (RP)

Gavel Games – Sr Division

Blue – Republic Pioneers 4-H Club (RP)

Demonstrations – Junior Division

2nd Alt Purple – Collin Childs (RP)

Blue – Holte Taddiken (CY), Neelly Taddiken (CY), Jacob Pachta (RP), Eli Sinn (RP),

Charlie Strnad (RP), Cedric Kyner (WS)

Demonstrations – Senior Division

Top Purple – Octavien Cardenas (WS)

1st Alternate Purple – Raelynn Moore (CD)

Blue – Witt Keesecker (WS)

Red – Brady Childs (RP), Chesnie Dickinson (RP), Michael Pachta (RP), Kane Scheer (WS)

Project Talks

1st Alt Purple – Emmett Sinn (RP)

Blue – Keely Knepper (CY), John Sleichter (CY), Pratt Taddiken (CY), Brielle Wolf (CY),

Lee Lacy (CD), Carter Woodard (RP)

Red—Dierks Davis (CY)

Public Speaking

Top Purple— Jenna Fickes (CY)

Alternate 2nd Top Purple—Joni Begnoche (CY)

Blue – Gentry Hartman (CY), Natalie Sleichter (CY), Janae Wolf (CY), Chesnie Dickinson (RP),

Hayden Englert (WS)

Drama – Reading Junior Division

1st Alt Purple – Trevor Clark (WS)

Red – Myla Junek (RP), Ansley Kohmetscher (RP)

White – Grace Demars (CD)

Drama – Reading Senior Division

Top Purple – Witt Keesecker (WS)

2nd Alt Purple – Rowley Keesecker (WS)

Blue – Rebekah Henriksen (RP)

Red – Bethany Demars (CD)

Drama – Solo Acting – Junior Division

Top Purple— Audra Pearson (CY)

Blue – Corban Craig (RP)

Dance – Junior Division

Top Purple – Jenner Lapo (RP) Blue – Charlotte and Abagail Hevelone (CY)

Dance – Senior Division

1st Alternate Purple – Hopewell Corners 4-H Club (CD)

2nd Alt Purple – Eager Beaver 4-H Club (RP)

Blue – Slade Griffiths and Chayla Maichel (CY), Stick To It 4-H Club (WS)

Other Talent – Junior Division

2nd Alt Purple – Clarabelle Meenen (WS)

Other Talent – Senior Division

Top Purple – Brady Childs and Carson Struebing (RP)

Music – Instrumental Ensemble – Senior Division

Top Purple—Claira Wolf, Janae Wolf and Hannah Cott (CY)

Music – Instrumental Solo – Junior Division

Top Purple – Collin Childs (RP)

Blue – Hayden Sandmann (CD)

Music – Instrumental Solo – Senior Division

Top Purple—Claira Wolf (CY)

2nd Alt Purple – Witt Keesecker (WS)

Blue—Hannah Cott (CY)

Music – Vocal Chorus – Senior Division

Top Purple – Hanover 4-H Club (WS)

Music – Vocal Ensemble

1st Alternate Purple – Elizabeth and Esther Paillet (CD)

Blue – Sherdahl Boosters (RP)

Music – Vocal Solo – Junior Division

Top Purple – Grace Demars (CD)

Blue – Chloe Woodard (RP)

Music – Vocal Solo – Senior Division

Top Purple – Bethany Demars (CD)

2nd Alt Purple – Ava Sedlacek (WS)

There are no State Level 4-H Club Days. However, 4-H’ers who gave a Project Talk or Demonstration can sign up to present their talk or demonstration at the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson, Kansas in September.

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