Kansas Wheat CEO Justin Gilpin Discusses 2024 Harvest, New Wheat Variety, and Market Challenges on Wheat’s on Your Mind Podcast

By Trish Svoboda

Kansas Wheat CEO Justin Gilpin appeared on the Wheat’s on Your Mind podcast to discuss the 2024 harvest, wheat export marketing, and industry leadership. In his conversation with host Aaron Harries, Gilpin noted that the 2024 harvest is better than expected despite variability in yields due to differing weather conditions and disease impacts. He praised advancements in wheat genetics and farmer management practices for maximizing yields despite challenging conditions.

Gilpin highlighted the new wheat variety KS Bill Snyder, named after the legendary K-State football coach, which will be available for planting this fall. The discussion also touched on market challenges, particularly the rough futures market influenced by global events and harvest pressures. Additionally, Gilpin and Harries talked about international wheat supply announcements, wheat export marketing, rail delivery issues to Mexico, the climate benefits of wheat rotations, and the role of Kansans in industry leadership programs. You can listen to the full discussion at wheatsonyourmind.com.

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