KGS and Mull Companies Explore Lyon County for Critical Mineral Sources to Boost Economic and National Security

By Trish Svoboda

The Kansas Geological Survey (KGS) is collaborating with Mull Companies to identify potential new sources of critical minerals essential for economic and national security. They drilled and cored a well in Lyon County to assess underground rock layers. The process involved collecting rock cores and using wireline logging with a specialized geochemical tool to analyze the rocks’ elemental abundances. Led by Jason Gumble, the effort aims to evaluate the tool’s effectiveness in geochemical exploration. Findings from wireline logging will be compared with core analysis.

The study focuses on the Cherokee-Forest City basin, known for its Pennsylvanian rock formations rich in coal and black shales, which may contain high concentrations of critical minerals. By integrating data from multiple wells, scientists hope to identify mineral-rich “sweet spots.” This research, part of a nationwide effort funded by the Department of Energy, aims to locate local sources of critical minerals, offering economic and security benefits. The core samples will be stored at KGS for further study, and the data will contribute to a predictive model for future exploration. The project involves various collaborators and industry partners, including Weatherford Services, Lighthouse Drilling, Kudu Coring, and ELI Wireline.

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