Senate Republicans Unveil Farm Bill Framework Prioritizing Kansas Farmers, Crop Insurance, and Rural Investments

By Trish Svoboda

Senate Agriculture Committee Republicans have introduced a framework emphasizing the Farm Bill’s agricultural aspects. This framework prioritizes crop insurance, raises reference prices, eliminates Biden’s restrictive climate policies, and invests in rural infrastructure. Senator Marshall, a member of the Senate Agriculture Committee, has been advocating for Kansas farmers and ranchers to ensure their voices are heard at the highest levels of government. This framework reflects his efforts and the priorities of Kansans.

The Senate Republicans’ Farm Bill Framework is fully funded with no new spending. It enhances the Agriculture Risk Coverage and Price Loss Coverage programs by increasing reference prices for all commodities by an average of 15%. It improves crop insurance coverage, reinvests Inflation Reduction Act conservation funding into Farm Bill programs without requiring participation in the Biden Administration’s climate agenda, and prevents the misuse of the Conservation Title to phase out livestock production.

The framework also protects the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, doubles agriculture research and trade promotion funding, invests in rural infrastructure and healthcare, increases loan limits for producers, reduces red tape for crop protection product approval, improves response capabilities to foreign animal disease threats, restricts the USDA’s Commodity Credit Corporation slush fund use, makes rural broadband a permanent priority, creates a pathway for new feed additive approvals, and reintroduces whole milk in schools.

“For years now, we have fought to ensure our Kansas agriculture community has a seat at the highest levels of government – especially when it comes to negotiating the Farm Bill,” said Senator Marshall. We believe this framework reflects Kansas’ priorities and hope that farmers and ranchers across the country continue to throw their support behind putting ‘farm’ back in the Farm Bill. A lot of work still needs to be done to push a farm-friendly Farm Bill across the finish line as we continue to push for bipartisan legislation that our farmers deserve.”

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