Agriculture Education Students Awarded Kansas Ag Certificates

By Payton Tholstrup

Twenty-five students from five schools in Kansas have been awarded the Kansas Department of Agriculture’s Kansas Agriculture Skills and Competencies Certificate, according to a recent press release from the Kansas Department of Agriculture. High schools include Buhler, Centre, Ellsworth, Fort Scott, and Republic County.

Each student has completed the necessary requirements, including supervised agricultural experience, FFA, and classroom instruction. Over time, they have shown their understanding of agricultural knowledge, displayed career readiness, and developed their leadership skills.

John Clark, the agriculture education teacher at Buhler High School, said, “Students receiving these certificates are among the most well-rounded agricultural education students in the state. This recognition isn’t based on one single activity or achievement but on meeting the criteria for several components showing diversity in agricultural knowledge and success in and out of the classroom.”

The Kansas Department of Agriculture’s marketing director, Russell Plaschka, said, “Kansas agriculture is growing, and the industry requires a well-equipped workforce to help support that growth in our great state. We are proud of these young adults.”

The certificates have been endorsed by several industry organizations as well as employers. The complete list of students is below.

Buhler High School – Jaelyn Anderson, Peyton Coldren, Marlie Cooper, Brynlee Frank, Krysten Hamby, Amos Harder, Megan Krueger, Mikayla Milburn, Danielle Rogers, Madison Shain, Makenna Siemens, Emmie Stallman

Centre High School – Jenna Bittle, Leah Brunner, Karsen Kroupa, Jenaya Plett, Emilee Remmers, Isabel Rziha, Allie Stuchlik, Payton Svitak

Ellsworth High School – Rebekah Vague

Fort Scott High School -Reegan McDaniel

Republic County High School- Macey Homeier, Camryn Reynolds, Gracia Siemsen

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