CCCHS Distributes Drama, Forensics and Debate Awards

The CCCHS Forensics and Drama classes held their end-of-year awards, including the Golden Tiger and Nerd Awards. Teacher Megan Blackburn said the Golden Tiger is their version of the Golden Globes, while the Nerd Awards are reserved for kids who participate in Debate and Forensics clubs.

The Golden Tigers are nominated by fellow students who have achieved thespian status. Blackburn said thespians include kids who have acted in at least three shows, and have 100 hours of tech under their belt.

“Once they’re a thespian they get to help select our shows for the next year and they get to have more leadership responsibilities,” she said. All students were available to vote on winners of the Golden Tigers.

Winners include:

Best Costume Design: Inaya Liddle and Greyson Brandt, The Mousetrap

Best Lighting Design: Mason Hunt, The Mousetrap

Best Vocal Solo in a Musical: Inaya Liddle, “Shy” Once Upon a Mattress

Best Light and Sound Director: Eric Tinkler, The Mousetrap

Best Sound Design: Alex Herron, The Mousetrap

Best Properties: Alexander Cowing, The Mousetrap

Best Volunteer: Papa Squires, Literally Everything

Best Duet in a Musical: Izzy Blackwood and Scouten Baker, Sensitivity, Once Upon a Mattress

Best Stage Manager: Audrey Reh and Bralyn Bull, Once Upon a Mattress

Best Assistant Director: Alex Herron, The Mousetrap

Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Audrey Reh, “The Jester,” Once Upon a Mattress

Best Chorus Actor/Actress: Morgan Peters, Once Upon a Mattress

Best Set Design: Garrett Peters and Cale Tromp, The Mousetrap

Best Actress in a Leading Role: Inaya Liddle, “Princess Winnefred” Once Upon a Mattress

Best Actress in a Supporting Role: Inaya Liddle, “Mrs. Boyle,” The Mousetrap

Best Actor in a Lead Role: Greyson Brandt “Giles” The Mousetrap

Nerd Award Winners:

Debate: Best Novice Speaker Alessia Carrales

Best Open Speaker: Morgan Peters

Novice Debater: Sam Peters

Best Open Debater: Morgan Peters

Forensics Best Interper [sic]: Morgan Peters

Best Actor: Savei Namakope

Best Speaker: Audrey Reh

Letter Earners:

Elyla Robles, Morgan Peters, Audrey Reh, Sam Peters, and Alessia Carrales. Students who received letters in Forensics include: Brie Smith, Marianna Love, Morgan Peters, Audrey Reh, Savei Nyamakope, Sam Peters, Greyson Brandt, Greyson Barleen, Alessia Carrales, and Alex Herron.

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