Governor Laura Kelly Appeals to FEMA for Extension Amidst Severe Storm Aftermath, Aims to Secure Federal Aid for Kansas

By Trish Svoboda

Governor Laura Kelly sent a letter to FEMA, seeking an extension for the submission of a major disaster request. The letter asks for the deadline to be extended to July 29, 2024, for the submission to the public assistance program. This is in response to the severe thunderstorms that struck the state from April 25-30, which brought large hail, destructive straight-line winds, tornadoes, and heavy rainfall that led to flooding.

Kelly has put forth the request to secure additional time for conducting preliminary damage assessments to apply for federal aid via the Public Assistance program. This program offers financial support on a cost-sharing basis for the restoration of public infrastructure that has been damaged, including roads and bridges.

“Severe storms have greatly impacted Kansans, resulting in state and local resources being stretched thin,” Governor Laura Kelly said. “I am seeking additional time to collect data and validate all legitimate expenses to aid local governments in restoring infrastructure vital to the safety and well-being of their communities.”

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