KSU Doctoral Student from Hanover Recognized for Her Research on Breast Cancer

By Ryan Duey

Two Kansas State University graduate students were recognized for their outstanding research poster presentations at the annual Capitol Graduate Research Summit, held at the State Capitol in Topeka on March 21st.

One student recognized was Ramona Weber of Hanover. Weber is a doctoral student in health and human sciences specializing in kinesiology. She presented “Effect of dietary nitrate supplementation on tumor oxygenation.” Weber’s major professor is David Poole, a university distinguished professor of kinesiology.

During her presentation, Weber spoke with faculty and graduate students from the University of Kansas Medical Center about the impact of breast cancer, a disease that affects approximately one in eight women. Weber said learning about the research and experiences of graduate students from other departments and universities demonstrated the value of interdisciplinary collaboration. They discussed the dietary aspects of her research, and how it could help improve the chemotherapy process.

Prior to the summit, Weber contacted State Rep. Lisa Moser, who represents the 106th District which includes Hanover. Moser visited with Weber at the Capitol and discussed Weber’s ongoing research in breast cancer, as well as the impact of breast cancer in rural communities. Weber noted that effective communication of research results, both within the scientific community and the public, is integral to her doctoral training.

She received a $500 scholarship for her presentation.

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