Dickinson County Historical Society to Host its 2nd Sawmilling Class

By Ryan Duey

The Dickinson County Historical Society in Abilene will be hosting its 2nd Sawmilling Class on Sunday, April 14th, starting at 9:00 a.m. This all-day class includes learning the history of Sawmilling along with hands-on cutting.

Austin Anders of the Dickinson County Historical Society will be co-teaching the class with Todd Reid. Anders said sawmilling has been going on for many centuries.

Anders will be teaching attendees the history of Sawmilling in the morning, and Reid will lead the afternoon with sawmill operation, cutting techniques, and more on two different types of sawmills.

Lunch will be provided. This class is a unique opportunity to learn about the basics of Sawmilling along with learning how Sawmills have been used to build the world. Leather gloves are required for your safety. For more information on this class call the Dickinson County Historical Society.

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