Kyle Railroad Receives Funding For Major Rehabilitation Project

By Payton Tholstrup

In a recent announcement this week, Governor Laura Kelly shared that $811,440 will be going towards Kyle Railroad located in Cloud County. This money will be used for major rehabilitation and is made possible through the Kansas Department of Transportation’s Rail Service Improvement Program (RSIP).

The funds awarded can be used for expansion, capacity improvements, rail replacement, and track rehabilitation. This program received 26 applications this year.

Governor Laura Kelly stated that this will help strengthen agriculture supply chains and noted that her administration remains committed to helping farmers and ranchers to regional, national, and international markets.

According to the company’s website, Kyle Railroad owns or leases more than 100 freight railroads. They have over 7,300 employees that serve 3,000 customers. In North America, they serve 43 U.S. States and five Canadian provinces.

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