Solomon State Bank Earns Century of Family Banking Award

The Riordan Family from Solomon State Bank in Solomon has been recognized for earning the Century of Family Banking award. This esteemed accolade commemorates the Riordan family’s 100-year involvement in the banking sector.

Timothy T. Riordan initiated the family’s banking legacy around 1910 when he began his tenure at the Solomon National Bank. Prior to that, he had worked at The Niles State Bank, situated approximately seven miles northwest of Solomon. Throughout the years, T.T. Riordan held the role of either president or chairman until his passing in 1963. His significant contributions include facilitating the establishment of the D.S. & O. Rural Electric Cooperative in Solomon during the 1930s, a result of a connection he had developed during his time at the Niles State Bank.

Solomon State Bank holds a position as one of the oldest financial institutions in Central Kansas. It was chartered and commenced operations on June 22, 1905, founded by a group of Salina businessmen. The bank’s inaugural president was Frank Hageman.

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