Kansas Education Enrichment Program Provides Back To School Assistance for Families

The Kansas Education Enrichment Program, also known as KEEP, provides Kansas families who are eligible with a one-time award of $1,000 per child to cover school supplies, tutoring, books, music lessons, and more.

In June, Governor Laura Kelly expanded the eligibility for KEEP, so households with incomes of less than 300% below the federal poverty guidelines would qualify. The Kansas Office of Recovery partnered with Merit to implement KEEP and make the program possible.

Families in all 105 counties in Kansas have applied for the program. Governor Kelly is encouraging more families to take advantage of this program.

Parents can spend their student’s program funds on various academic opportunities like:

– Curriculum and educational materials, including school supplies and certain technological devices.

– Camps with academic-related curriculum such as music, arts, science, etc.

– Tutoring

– Language Classes

– Musical instruments and lessons

The funds are not eligible for private school tuition. Students in foster care are also eligible for KEEP, regardless of household income. Families can apply online at: www.keep.ks.gov

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