Terry Tietjens Receives We Kan Award

By Jonathan Cramer

Terry Tietjens, owner of Seelye Mansion, was honored with the Kansas Sampler Foundation We Kan award on Sept. 12.

City staff and community members surprised him with a flash-mod celebration outside the Mansion during the award presentation.

Tietjens, reflecting on past projects like Sycamore Springs in Sabetha, Kansas, shared how he discovered Seelye Mansion during a visit to Abilene with a choral group from Emporia State University.

He is the fourth Abilene recipient of the We Kan award, which recognizes individuals or organizations preserving rural culture in their community.

Past recipients include Jeff Sheets for cattle town history in 2011, Glenda Purkis for positive influence in 2010, and Abilene Area bed-and-breakfasts for cooperative efforts in 1994. Established in 1993, the award emphasizes rural culture preservation.

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