Russell Stover Celebrates 100th Anniversary

By Jonathan Cramer

Clara and Russell Stover’s candy-making journey began in their Denver home, forming the roots of Mrs. Stover’s Bungalow Candies with seven employees. They expanded across Denver, CO, and various cities like Kansas City, Mo, Lincoln, NE, Omaha, NE, and St. Louis, MO, leading to the opening of their first factory in Kansas City, MO. In 1932, operations centralized there, representing a critical shift.

They ventured into diverse offerings, including a drive-in store, ice cream parlor, and factory. In 1943, the brand transformed officially into Russell Stover Candies, with Russell Stover assuming a prominent role in the National Confectioners Association.

On September 16, Russell Stover’s employees celebrated the company’s 100th anniversary, honoring a century of candy-making excellence and growth, epitomizing Clara and Russell Stover’s legacy. Abilene played host to this jubilant occasion, marking a significant milestone in the company’s enduring journey.

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