Clay County Commissioners Talk County Health, Tax Sale, Circus in Wakefield

By Quinn O’Hara

On the morning of May 14, the Clay County Commissioners met for their regular weekly meeting.

Christine Swaim, the Clay County Treasurer, and Joel Mason, Clay County Attorney, met with the Board. The two discussed the upcoming Delinquent Real Estate Tax Sale. Mason stated that he has an Affidavit of Service by Publication he hopes to file this week after it is approved by the Judge. A period of 41 days must then pass before a date can be set for the sale.

Highway Administrator Bobby Shomper met with the Board and reported on the department’s progress in hauling rock. The Board informed Shomper of a concern on the piling of a bridge located west of Vining. The Board granted permission for the Highway Department to install a tank car to replace a bridge on 3rd St. off of Sunflower Rd. near Wakefield. The street will be closed for two days.

EMS Director Alec Trembath reported that the Department was on run number 293 for the year at the time of the meeting. Trembath also discussed vehicle maintenance concerning the new 2024 ambulance. Trembath also reported that EMS week will take place from May 19 through 25.

Emergency Manager Pam Kemp reported that she has been attempting to work with the Clay County Fair Board to create an Emergency Operations Plan for the Fair Grounds. She said she feels like a plan for evacuating and handling an emergency is a priority now that the new Event Center is being rented out.

Clay County Health Director Dana Rickley reported on last week’s Adolescence Vaccine Clinic and said the Department provided several young individuals with vaccines that they were needing. The Board instructed Rickley to have two nurses get certification with ComplianceOne to perform random drug and pre-employment testing. The County will pay the cost for the two certifications.

Wakefield City Clerk Julie Murphy and Wakefield Superintendent Kyle Murphy met with the Board to ask permission to use a 300’ by 300’ piece of property in the Clay County Park to host the Culpepper and Merriweather Circus on September 4. The pair also requested the presence of the Sheriff’s Department while the circus is in town. The Board agreed to let them use the property in the park, provide water, and waived the fee to use a 20-yard dumpster for the event.

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