USD 109 Talked Yondr Bags, Tabled Cell Phone Policy for Now

By Ryan Duey

The Republic County USD 109 board deliberated on restricting student cell phone use during school hours but deferred a decision at the May 13 meeting. Superintendent Tami Knedler suggested soliciting parental input in upcoming meetings.

The Republic County Jr./Sr. High Building Leadership Team proposed adopting Yondr bags, which lock cell phones during school hours. This measure aims to mitigate distractions, but students will still be allowed to keep their phones in their possession. Concerns arose regarding the safety and security of phones left in baskets, prompting support for Yondr bags.

Republic County High School Principal Alan Sheets, a proponent of Yondr bags, cited positive feedback from schools already employing them, including Stockton High School, where incoming principal Lindsay Cravens currently works, and endorsed their effectiveness. The proposal reflects a growing trend among educational institutions to regulate cell phone usage to enhance focus and reduce disruptions in classrooms.

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