Raising Riley Hosts Community Baby Shower with Riley County Health Department

Raising Riley, in collaboration with the Riley County Health Department (RCHD), recently organized a heartwarming community baby shower.

As a Parent Health Literacy partner with the Kansas Head Start Association, RCHD set up an informative and interactive table to provide valuable training to parents.

The focus was on teaching parents how to utilize the “What to Do When Your Child Gets Sick” book, which was also distributed to attendees.

Every recipient had the opportunity to receive education on effectively using the book as a resource for their child’s healthcare needs.

The introduction video for the book played continuously throughout the event, ensuring that parents were well-informed about its contents.

RCHD expressed gratitude for the opportunity to participate in this initiative and extend support to new parents by making these essential books readily available.

This collaboration between Raising Riley, the Riley County Health Department, and the IHA Health Literacy Region VII Head Start Association aims to empower parents with knowledge and resources to promote the well-being of their children.

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