World Naked Gardening Day 2024: Best U.S. Cities for Nude Horticulture

By Trish Svoboda

May 4 is World Naked Gardening Day, and LawnStarter ranked the best cities for naked gardening in 2024. They compared 500 major U.S. cities based on the weather forecast, local interest, nude gardener friendliness, and safety. They also took into consideration the legality of public nudity, the number of local nudists, and Google searches.

Using these metrics, they concluded the top ten cities for gardening in the buff are as follows:

1. Miami, FL

2. Philadelphia, PA

3. New York, NY

4. Austin, TX

5. Asheville, NC

6. Los Angeles, CA

7. Pasadena, CA

8. Sacramento, a

9. Albuquerque, NM

10. Pittsburg, PA

They also ranked the worst cities for naked gardening:

1. Anchorage, AK

2. Sparks, NV

3. Duluth, MN

4. Layton, UT

5. Billings, MT

6. Orem, UT

7. Provo, UT

8. Daly City, CA

9. Missoula, MT

10. Reno, NV

They also noted that, though it didn’t make the top ten list, Bloomington, MN is the safest city to bear all in the garden, followed by Plymouth, MN, and San Ramon, CA. Six Kansas cities made the list, the highest ranked being Wichita ranked at 140. To see the full list of cities, click here.

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