Remember Lives Lost in Traffic Crashes: World Day of Remembrance is Nov. 20

Topeka, KS– World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims (WDoR) is commemorated on the third Sunday in November to pay tribute to the people killed and seriously injured on roads around the world. This year, WDoR is Nov. 20 and recognizes the victims, families and communities affected by traffic crashes and urges motorists to be mindful of safety with every trip.

In 2021, 426 people lost their lives in traffic crashes in Kansas and 1,767 people suffered serious injuries, according to the Kansas Department of Transportation.

“We suffer tragic loss with each person who has died or is seriously injured due to traffic crashes,” said Vanessa Spartan, KDOT Chief of Transportation Safety. “Remember and pay tribute to our friends, loved ones and co-workers by traveling alert and sober, following speed limits and buckling up.”

Millions of people worldwide have lost their lives in traffic crashes and millions more have been seriously injured. Traffic fatalities can also have a negative economic impact on families and communities. WDoR supporters are committed to the goal of achieving a 50% reduction in traffic fatalities during a “Decade for Action” from 2021-2030.

WDoR also focuses on:

  • Remembering all people killed and seriously injured on roads
  • Acknowledging work of emergency services
  • Advocating for traffic victims and families

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