2024 4-H District Club Day Results for Clay County 4-Hers

Members from the River Valley Extension District 4-H Clubs attended District 4-H Club Day held Saturday, February 10th at Republic County JR-Senior High School in Belleville, KS. The following results are for Clay County 4-H Clubs (CC: Countryside Crusaders, LC: Lincoln Creek, SO: Sturdy Oak, WH: Washington Headliners)

Model Meeting: Top Purple-Washington Headliners 4-H Club, Alternate Top Purple- Countryside Crusaders 4-H Club, Alternate Top Purple-Lincoln Creek 4-H Club. Blue-Sturdy Oak 4-H Club

Talent – Skits – Plays – Other Talent: Blue- Keely Knepper, WH, Blue-Kolette Knepper, WH

Dance: Top Purple-Abagail & Charlotte Hevelone, WH, Alternate Top Purple- Slade Griffiths & Chayla Maichel, LC

Senior Vocal Music – Chorus/Ensembles/Solo: Top Purple-Addisyn Stapp, WH,

Junior Vocal Music – Chorus/Ensembles/Solo: Blue-June Davis, WH

Piano Solos: Top Purple- Hannah Cott, WH, Alternate Top Purple- Claira Wolf, WH, Blue- Audra Pearson, CC, Blue-Carson Cott, WH, Blue-Hudson Cott, WH, Blue-Bethany Pearson, CC, Blue-Callen Burr, LC, Blue-Brielle Wolf, WH, Blue-Keely Knepper, WH

Junior Readings, Poetry and Prose/Solo Acting: Top Purple-Audra Pearson, CC, Blue-Kate Wenzl, WH, Blue-Charlotte Hevelone, WH, Red-Bethany Pearson, CC, Red-Anna Baxter, CC, Red-Abagail Hevelone, WH, Red-Colt Hager, CC

Senior Readings, Poetry and Prose/Solo Acting: Alternate Top Purple-Alessia Carrales, LC,

Public Speaking: Top Purple-Natalie Sleichter, LC, Top Purple-Joni Begnoche, CC, Alternate Top Purple-Gentry Hartman, CC, Alternate Top Purple-Jenna Fickes, WH, Alternate Top Purple-Janae Wolf, WH, Alternate Top Purple-Ryan Geer, WH, Blue-Addisyn Stapp, WH, Blue-Hannah Cott, WH,

Jr. Demonstration/Illustrated Talk: Top Purple-Holte Taddiken, LC, Top Purple- Neelly Taddiken, LC, Alternate Top Purple-Keely Knepper, WH, Blue-Audra Pearson, CC, Blue-Ryan Baxter, CC, Blue- Abagail Hevelone, WH, Blue-Weston Presley, SO, Red-Abagail Hevelone, WH, Red-Madie Wohler, WH, Red-Anna Baxter, CC

Sr. Demonstration/Illustrated Talk: Alternate Top Purple-Jenette Begnoche, CC, Alternate Top Purple- Austin Burr, LC, Blue-Alessia Carrales, LC, Blue-Slade Griffiths, LC, Blue-Sierra Stewart, WH, Red-Chayla Maichel, LC, Blue-Lauren Benfer, SO, Red-Callen Burr, LC, Red-Ella Kramer, SO

Jr. Instrumental Music: Red-Kale Hartman, CC

Sr. Instrumental Music: Top Purple-Senior Ensemble-Hannah Cott, Janae & Claira Wolf, WH, Blue-Addisyn Stapp, WH,

Project Talks: Top Purple-Brielle Wolf, WH, Top Purple-Pratt Taddiken, LC, Top Purple-John Sleichter, LC, Top Purple-Keely Knepper, WH, Top Purple-Dierks Davis, WH, Alternate Top Purple-Bradi Hartman, CC, Alternate Top Purple-Weston Presley, SO, Blue-Audra Pearson, CC, Blue-Jaxson Stapp, WH, Blue-Madie Wohler, WH, Blue-Kate Wenzl, WH, Blue-Carson Cott, WH, Blue-Kolette Knepper, WH, Blue-Collin Nelson, LC, Blue-Adilynne Nelson, LC, Blue-Jase Kloft, WH, Red-CheviAnn Washa, WH,

Show & Share: Participation-Raymond Hevelone, WH, Participation-Sophie Richardson, LC, Participation- Tynlee Hittle, WH, Participation- Brynne Wenzl, WH, Participation- Hagen Washa, WH, Participation- Caroline Hager, CC, Participation-Maggie Lenhart, LC, Participation-Emma Lund, LC

AIR Contest (Application, Interview, Resume) for 16 years old or older: 3rd Place- Alessia Carrales, LC

Eligible Top Purple placings may participate in the Regional 4-H Club Day to be held March 23, 2024, at the Clay Center Community High School, 1630 9th Street, Clay Center.


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