American Sealants Company’s New Owners Look to Grow, While Continuing to Support Clay Center

By Ryan Duey

On May 1st Ben Johnson, Trevor Jueneman, and Brent Dringenber collaborated to purchase the long-standing American Sealants Company, or Amerseal. Started by Mike Wernette in the late 1970s, Amerseal has grown into the #1 tire sealant producer in the world.

This family-owned business has been a staple of Clay Center for many years. Ben Johnson, Co-owner, and Trevor Jueneman, President and Co-owner emphasized that it was important to keep the business in Clay Center.

Johnson said their first steps are updating processes, technology, and reengaging customers. Jueneman said it’s important to work on the partnership and relationship with current customers, while also identifying new customers.

They currently have 4 employees on staff, but they plan to expand over time, adding more employees as they grow.

Johnson and Jueneman plan to become more involved in the community as they get settled in as the new owners. Patrons are welcome to pop in or call with any questions.

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