Sen. Moran Advocates for Farm Bill Updates and Veteran Healthcare in Clay Center Visit

By Trish Svoboda

Today, July 5, Sen. Moran made a stop in Clay Center, KS as he made his way to touch base with rural communities in the area before heading back to Washington, D.C. One of his stops was the KCLY station, where he spoke with us about various topics, including The Farm Bill, Veteran healthcare, and more.

Sen. Moran emphasized the need for an updated bill addressing rising production costs, drought challenges, conservation, and hunger programs.

He expressed that he is optimistic about passing a new farm bill by the November election.

He also spoke of the need to improve healthcare access for rural veterans, advocating for community clinics and expanding community care options. With the lack of VA hospitals, he talked about making it so rural veterans have the choice in their healthcare locations and the economic benefit of keeping healthcare dollars local to support rural hospitals.

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