CC Public Utilities Is Asking Public’s Help In Locating Lead Pipes

By Quinn O’Hara

In accordance with a new requirement from the EPA and KDHE, Clay Center Public Utilities has issued a survey seeking information on the location of lead pipes in Clay Center.

The nationwide project has a 100% completion requirement, meaning every lead pipe in the country must be identified, documented, and removed.

Scott Glaves is the Superintendent of Utilities for the Clay Center Public Utilities Commission. He says the new requirements mean an estimated 2,100 water meters in Clay Center must be inventoried:

The commission has attached a link to the survey on recent billing statements, on their website, and has paper copies of the survey available at the commission’s building.

Glaves says the commission is doing it’s best to make the survey is widely accessible because it needs the public’s help in accomplishing the task:

The survey is required to be completed by October.

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