CCEMS Ambulance Gets A Makeover

By Quinn O’Hara

A Clay County EMS ambulance is getting a makeover.

CCEMS has their ambulances on service rotations. CCEMS Service Director Alec Trembath says the process helps to cut costs and keep the fleet running smoothly:

Because of the remounting, Trembath says CCEMS has a temporary loaner ambulance in their fleet. He says it does not have the CCEMS markings on it, so the team will only use it as a last resort.

Trembath says in addition to the ability to swap patient compartments, another recent development of modern ambulances is a UV sterilization light, which two of the CCEMS fleet now have:

Trembath says though a lot of UV sterilization products on the market are gimmicks, he’s found fried moths inside the compartment after using the light. He says, “if it kills moths, it’ll kill COVID!”

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