Clay Center City Council Discuss CCLIP, Building Permits, Rec Dept

By Quinn O’Hara

The Clay Center City Council met on the evening of March 19 for their regular meeting.

Council member Daton Hess stood in as Acting Chairman for the meeting.

The Council approved Appropriation Ordinances and previous minutes. The Council had no formal actions. City Attorney Joel Mason informed the Council of a request to change the zoning for 539 Clarke St from R1 to C2.

Council member D. Hess reported that a grant to fund the replacement of street signs and sidewalks will be postponed until the fall due to scheduling conflicts. Hess also reported that construction on a 2024 CCLIP project will begin soon. The affected area will be from Sherman to Garfield roads and will replace 40 handicap sidewalk ramps. Hess stated that there will be lots of construction equipment in the area while the project is underway.

Council member Phil Kasper reported that the Clay Center Parks & Recreation Department recently installed a bottle filler at the Rundle-Brown Athletic Complex.

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