Family Opens Fireworks Stand in Wakefield After 25-Year Absence

By Ryan Duey

For the first time since the late 90s, the city of Wakefield has its first fireworks stand in the community. Jamie Jamison-Fengel, her husband, and their daughter have opened up a stand at 1670 3rd Street.

The stand is open from June 27th to July 5th. Fengel said she believes the last fireworks stand in Wakefield was run to raise money for school. She and her husband have worked hard to bring this back to the community after 25 years.

The stand features multiple tables with a large assortment of fireworks to accommodate the community’s needs without having to travel to area cities. According to the City of Wakefield’s Facebook page, the use of fireworks is not allowed in city limits until July 3rd, but you can still purchase from the stand now to prepare for the July 4th Holiday.

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