Ascension Medical Group Via Christi Warns of Rise in Contagious Diseases Among Children: HFMD and Mono on the Rise

By Trish Svoboda

Ascension Medical Group Via Christi reports an increase in Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease (HFMD) and mononucleosis (mono) cases among children in the community. Both HFMD and mono are highly contagious and spread through close contact, such as sharing utensils, drinks, and personal items.

HFMD primarily affects children under 5, causing fever, mouth sores, and a rash on the hands and feet. In contrast, mono is more common in teenagers and young adults, leading to fever, sore throat, and fatigue.

Dr. Amy Seery, a pediatrician at Via Christi, stresses the importance of good handwashing and proper food handling, especially with Fourth of July gatherings approaching, to prevent the spread of these viral illnesses.

If a child or family member becomes ill, it’s advised to contact a healthcare provider if fevers persist for more than five days or if there is prolonged fatigue or a cough lasting more than two weeks without improvement.

Dr. Seery also highlights the need for youth with mono to be evaluated before resuming team or contact sports activities.

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