Much Discussed During Weekly Clay County Commission Meeting

By Ryan Duey

On Monday, April 29th the Clay County Commission held their regular meeting. Dillon Eyer met with the Board to discuss additional ROZ sponsorships throughout the County. The program helps residents in Clay County pay off student loans.

Joel Mason, County Attorney, reported to the Board that the county’s KORA training information will soon be submitted to the State.

Bobbie Shomper, Highway Administrator, reported that all county roads have been rocked with township roads continuing to be worked on. Next week will be the end of rock hauling for contractors. He also informed the Board that they have the chips to seal Broughton Road and Utah Road, spanning 15 miles total.

Alec Trembath, EMS Director, informed the Board that they are waiting on a new instructor before they can continue CPR classes for the public.

Pam Kemp, Emergency Manager, gave the Board an update on areas that had tornado and damage reports in the State last week. Kemp also informed the Board of mitigation funding for Safe Rooms in Wakefield and Red Cross sheltering plans that were brought to her attention.

Laurie Clark, Gail Westgate, Kyle Murphy, and Barry Girton met with the Board to discuss the use of off-road vehicles inside the Clay County parks grounds. Murphy spoke about how the park would regulate the vehicles and fees associated with it. The Board asked for recommendations on this issue from the park board before a decision is made.

Danny Mesalles, County Appraiser, updated the Board on the progress of values and informed the Board that the Commercial NRP contract is coming up for renewal soon.

The Board’s next regular meeting will be Monday, May 6th.

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