Parents as Teachers Promotes Optimal Early Development

By Quinn O’Hara

Parents as Teachers, or PAT, is a free nationwide program that aims to promote the optimal early development, learning, and health of children by supporting and engaging their parents and caregivers. The program is geared towards families and children from just before birth to 5 years old as long as they are not enrolled in preschool.

Melissa Sanchez is a Parent Educator for the program and serves the communities of Clay Center, Glasco, Green, Longford, Miltonvale, Morganville, Oakhill, and Wakefield. Sanchez said that services can be provided either in one-on-one sessions with herself and a family or in a Group Connection format. Sanchez explains how the PAT program helps families.

Sanchez said she also works with area organizations to provide extra services and information to families.

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