K-State Extension Agent Tristen Cope Promotes Summer Activities for Kids with ‘Suddenly in Charge’ Series

By Trish Svoboda

Tristen Cope, a family and youth development agent in K-State Research and Extension’s Chrisholm Trail District encourages outdoor play and exploration with your kids this summer.

Cope mentioned that a series of publications available online from the K-State Research and Extension bookstore offers a variety of simple summer activity ideas for parents and kids. The series, titled “Suddenly in Charge,” includes 11 titles, each featuring at-home activities that parents, older children, or other caregivers can organize for younger children.

Cope talks about one of her favorite activities.

Other activities include backyard camping, masking tape freeways, and making sidewalk chalk. Cope also suggests involving children in meal preparation and serving. Measuring ingredients not only teaches math skills but also imparts an essential life skill. In addition, making cold snacks like popsicles, smoothies, or frozen fresh fruit can be a fun and refreshing activity on hot days. More activities are available by visiting https://bookstore.ksre.ksu.edu and searching for ‘Suddenly in Charge.’

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