Wildflower Studio Owner Presented With Award

By Payton Tholstrup

Dani Lehman, owner of Wildflower Studio in Clay Center, recently earned a Salon of the Year award from Usmooth. Usmooth travels nationally to sell products and hair tools. 

A representative from the brand traveled to Clay Center to present her with the award on March 14th

Wildflower Studio was the top salon in Kansas, landing the honor. Lehman has been styling hair since 2007.

Lehman said she chooses to work with them because they have a foundation that gives to stylists in need through their UCare program. 

In addition, Lehman herself was a recipient of the Foundation when a truck drove into her salon and caused extensive damage, she said.  

Lehman said she also chooses to work with the brand because they are located in the Midwest, out of Springfield, MO. 

Finally, Lehman said she prefers the brand because they offer ways to provide the same style capabilities while providing less damage to the hair. This is done through the use of high-quality metals and scientific advancements, such as the use of infrared heat, which can provide the same desired look at a lower temperature, which she said helps with daily styling.

“This industry is changing every day. Screens have really taken our industry to the next level. People have pictures at their finger tips,” she said. Adding that continuing education allows her to offer more services and techniques for her clients. 

“Without that, if I’m not constantly learning, I’m not providing what my clients want.” 

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