Poachers Dump Over 30 Duck Carcasses

By Trish Svoboda

Game Wardens in Eastern Kansas are currently looking for a group of poachers who were seen illegally disposing of over 30 duck carcasses, some of which were still intact.

According to the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks Game Wardens, they received a report around noon on Thursday, January 4th, from a witness who witnessed the illegal dumping of more than 30 duck carcasses in Franklin County. Some of the carcasses had not been processed and remained intact.

The witness informed Game Wardens that a group of white males in their mid-20s, wearing camouflage, were observed getting out of a truck and leaving the ducks in a ditch.

During the incident, Game Wardens said that duck hunting season was open in the Low Plains Southeast Zone, which includes the surrounding areas and water bodies south of I-35. Each hunter is allowed a bag limit of 6 ducks.

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