Tickets Written by KHP for Driver’s Speeding at 100+ MPH Nearly Doubles from 2019 to 2021

Kansas — The number of tickets written each year by the Kansas Highway Patrol (KHP) is on the rise with the number nearly doubling between 2019 and 2021 for motorists driving over 100 mph.
Trooper Ben Gardner, the KHP Information Officer for North-Central Kansas, wrote in a tweet saying in 2019 KHP issued over 1,750 tickets and this past year they were up to just over 3,300 tickets.
Trooper Gardner said the increase was first noticed in 2019 and the years after when there weren’t as many people on the roadways but those that were driving were doing so at faster speeds.

He said drivers are also driving distracted more and more. Whether that’s eating food or on a cell phone.
The KHP Trooper also says fatalities are up across the state. It’s just a 1% increase at this point but any increase is not wanted.

When getting on the roadways, Trooper Gardner added, be accountable to yourself and your vehicle because you can’t control others on the roadway.

While KHP can write tickets to deter drivers from speeding, he added its going to also take the public efforts to help stop the trends. Which can be just as easy as speaking to your kids.

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