Clay County Organizations Receive Donations from Middle School Students

Clay Co., Kan. — Over the course of last week Clay Center Community Middle School (CCCMS) students were traveling across the area delivering checks for different organizations they raised funds for this past year.
The Student Council at CCCMS is a combination of 6th,7th and 8th graders with 21 students on the team. Nick Brummet, CCCMS’ Counselor, is the Student Council Sponsor.

Some of the causes and organizations they helped this year included the Clay Center Zoo, Clay County Animal Rescue and Education Center (CCARE), Nurses at the hospital, and the Nursing homes.
At the beginning of the year the student council decides who they want to fundraise for. Then the students enlist the help of their fellow classmates and form a committee. The committee then decides what fundraisers they are going to set up. This year there were 12 committees.

Some examples of fundraisers they’ve held in the past include a bake sale and donating money for a chance at winning an item.
This year the students raised over $2,000.

Brummet says the idea started a couple of years ago when he took over as the student sponsor. He then sat down with the students to determine what the council’s mission would be. They decided it was to serve their school and community.

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