Grant Funding Increase Provides Childcare Scholarship Support in Riley County

Riley County, Kansas – More families in Riley County will get extra help with childcare costs, thanks to more funding from the Kansas Early Childhood Block Grant.

The Raising Riley program, run by the Riley County Health Department, will give an extra $100 per month to childcare scholarship recipients, starting from July 1, 2023.

The new scholarship rates will apply to families already in the program. The program has space for more children and currently helps 32 kids in Riley County.

The scholarship amounts, from $400 to $500, depend on each family’s situation. Raising Riley also offers other resources and services to support families and childcare providers.

Licensed facilities that want to join the program can work with the health department. To learn more, visit the Raising Riley website.

The program uses Tobacco Settlement Dollars from the Kansas Children’s Cabinet and Trust Fund, following the Blueprint for Early Education to make life better for children and families in Riley County.

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