USD 333 Thanks School Board for School Board Appreciation Month

By Payton Tholstrup

January is School Board Recognition Month. USD 333 Concordia is thanking their school board members for their service to the community and the schools.

School board members in USD 333 help develop policies as well as make decisions that impact and shape the future of the education system. They are trusted with the responsibility of the annual budget, a total of $31 million.

In USD 333, there are 1,146 students, 388 employees, and five buildings total.

USD 333 Concordia asks everyone to join them in thanking the school board for their time.

School board members include:

· John Culley, six years of service

· Brad Berk, two years of service

· Nancy Owen, two years of service

· Mike Cleveland, one year of service

· Amber Lambertz, one year of service

· Lindsay Metcalf, one year of service

· Jenny Parker, one year of service

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