Flint Hills Discovery Center adding new Temporary Exhibit

By Ryan Duey

The Flint Hills Discovery Center (FHDC) will open its latest temporary exhibit, Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab on Saturday, January 20. Step into the Lab and be inspired by the animated series featuring the brilliant work of Thomas Edison! Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab engages kids in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) learning through unique, hands-on experiences.

Stephen Bridenstine, FHDC Assistant Director said that the exhibit does an amazing job of showing kids just how a few creative individuals, like Thomas Edison, can completely change how we live our lives. Bridenstine added that by making science learning a fun hands-on experience, Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab will inspire the next generation of innovators who will shape our very future.

Thomas Edison’s Secret Lab will be on exhibit from January 20th through May 5th.

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