Organizations Can Still Apply for Commission Big Game Permits

By Trish Svoboda

Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) announced that local nonprofits operating or based in Kansas still have time to submit applications for special big game permits. Organizations that endorse the hunting and fishing heritage and wildlife conservation have until January 15th to apply for Commission Big Game Permits.

The program allows organizations that are eligible the chance to draw for a permit from the KDWP, and those permits can be sold to help fund conservation projects.

According to KDWP officials, depending on applicant preference, one antelope, one elk, or up to seven deer permits are issued each year.

After the permit is sold, the cost of it, along with 14% of the total sale price, is deducted and kept by the organization, and the remainder is conveyed to KDWP with a conservation project proposal. Once approved, the funds are returned to the organization to finish the project. Organizations may only receive one Commission Big Game Permit in a three-year time period.

Seven winners will be drawn on January 25th at the Commission’s public meeting.

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