American Freedom Riders from North Central Kansas Shine at Seward County Pro Rodeo

By Jayson Henderson

Liberal, KS – The American Freedom Riders, a distinguished drill team hailing from North Central Kansas, left an unforgettable mark on the 2023 Seward County Pro Rodeo in Liberal, KS earlier this summer.  

In an exclusive interview with Chayla Maichel, a member of the American Freedom Riders, we delved into their journey and memorable moments at the Seward County Pro Rodeo. 

1. Initial Reactions to the Invitation

2. Preparation for the Event 

3. Handling Challenges on a Grand Stage

4. Managing Nerves and Staying Focused

5. Memorable Moments

The American Freedom Riders from North Central Kansas undoubtedly left an indelible mark at the Seward County Pro Rodeo, showcasing their unwavering dedication and talent. As they continue to inspire audiences with their breathtaking performances, their future in the world of rodeo is undoubtedly bright. 

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