Kansas State University Gardens to Host Kids’ Garden Club

By Ryan Duey

The Kids’ Garden Club at Kansas State University Gardens provides a nurturing environment for young gardeners in grades one through three. Held at Throckmorton Hall over five Saturdays from April 13 to May 18, the program immerses children in the basics of gardening and horticulture. Led by instructor Dave “Wally” Wasser, kids explore topics such as soil composition, plant care, and pollination, fostering a love for gardening from an early age.

This year, a new activity will be added: teaching children how to propagate grape vines. Organizer Sue White highlights the enthusiasm sparked by hands-on projects like planting seeds, painting bee houses, and observing seed germination. Participants also engage in activities such as building terrariums and learning about composting.

The Kids’ Garden Club aims to instill a passion for gardening with the hopes of the children planting something at their houses or taking care of house plants.

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