Manhattan To Continue Welcoming Afghan Refugees

Manhattan, Kan. — Manhattan is home to 71 individuals who have evacuated Afghanistan and relocated to the United States with more potentially on the way.

Aaron Estabrook, co-leader of the Manhattan Afghan Resettlement Team (MART), said 75,000 people have resettled into the United States but more remain.

Of that second group, Estabrook estimates another 40 individuals will make their way to Manhattan, many of them being women who were in the Afghan Military.
Currently Operation: Allied Welcome is underway which started back in September 2021 with a targeted end date of September of this year. However, there is currently no official ways for refugees to get evacuated out of the country.

He continued that weather has also hindered some evacuation efforts by individuals. In a YouTube video, the Manhattan Resettlement Team highlights the work they’ve done over the past year and the families who have made there way to the city.
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