Free Colorectal Cancer Screening Kits Offered to Eligible Individuals

By Trish Svoboda

Colorectal cancer ranks as the third most prevalent cancer among both men and women, yet early detection significantly enhances curability rates. To mark National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month in March, 900 complimentary screening kits are available to individuals aged 45 to 75 who haven’t undergone recent colonoscopies. These kits can be obtained at select Salina, Abilene, Concordia, and Lindsborg pharmacies while supplies last.

Utilizing an advanced fecal blood test requiring only one sample and free from food or drug restrictions, the screening process is hassle-free. Participants can mail their samples, enclosed in provided pre-paid postage envelopes, to the Tammy Walker Cancer Center for analysis. Results will be shared with both patients and their primary care physicians, with sample returns for analysis due by May 30.

The screening initiative receives financial support from the Salina Charities League and Salina Regional Health Foundation. Health experts recommend colonoscopies at age 45 for all individuals, with interim fecal blood tests recommended between screenings. Additional tests may be advised by physicians, especially for those with family histories of the disease or African American heritage, known to face elevated risks.

For further details about the complimentary colorectal cancer screening kits, individuals can contact Daniel Craig, the cancer outreach coordinator at the Tammy Walker Cancer Center, via phone at (785) 452-4848 or email at Interested participants can also request kits by reaching out to Craig directly.

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