Clay Center at Concordia JV Quad 2024

By Jayson Henderson

Clay Center’s tennis team, comprising Robert Hendrickson, Keagan Schurle, Luke Hauserman, Mason Millies, Caden Peterson, and Tarin Pfizenmaier, participated in the Concordia JV Quad 2024 event. The team came out on top, securing the first place in the tournament with a total score of 22 points.

**Players’ Results:**

– #1 Singles:

– Robert Hendrickson vs. Marysville: 6-2

– #2 Singles:

– Keagan Schurle vs. Marysville: 6-3

– #1 Doubles:

– Luke Hauserman and Mason Millies vs. Concordia: 6-1

– #2 Doubles:

– Caden Peterson and Tarin Pfizenmaier vs. Marysville: 6-3

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