Kansas Governor Signs Bill to Offer Chiefs, Royals Stadium Help

By Jayson Henderson

TOPEKA, Kan. — Kansas Governor Laura Kelly signed legislation on Friday, June 21, 2024, to attract the Kansas City Chiefs and the Royals to Kansas by assisting with new stadium costs. The move came three days after the bipartisan legislature’s approval, signaling urgency.

Missouri officials noted early-stage discussions about new stadiums, with the current lease ending in January 2031. The new law, effective July 1, allows Kansas to cover 70% of stadium costs through bonds, repaid over 30 years using sports betting revenue, lottery sales, and new taxes.

The Kansas-Missouri border splits the Kansas City area, with 60% on the Missouri side. Kansas legislators acted after Missouri voters rejected a tax to maintain the existing stadiums. Critics argue teams are leveraging the states for subsidies, but supporters warn the teams might relocate if neither state acts swiftly. Kansas City, Missouri, plans to offer competitive proposals to retain the teams.

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