Community Foundation of Dickinson County Invites the Community to Help Celebrate 25 Years

The Community Foundation of Dickinson County will celebrate 25 years of Service on Thursday, July 25th at 6:00 p.m. The Social and Dinner will be held at the Sand Springs Venue outside of Abilene.

Elizabeth Weese, Executive Director of the Foundation, said it has grown substantially since its beginning.

“It started with gosh, just a few people contributing $5000 to a fund to start it and now we’re at 25,000,000 in assets and we have granted out I believe over $12 million total.”

Weese said, as the Foundation continues to grow it will be able to do bigger and better projects for Dickinson County.

“It has been and will continue to provide quality-of-life programming and projects within our Community forever. You know, with endowed funding, the ability to always have money is truly what the Community Foundation is about. And the endowment to know it’s there forever. So as the foundation continues to grow our assets get larger. That means the more money we have to grant out and the bigger projects that we can do.”

You can reserve a spot for the celebration by going to their website at or visiting them at their new location at 201 NW 2nd Street in Abilene.

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